Only when we Accept rejections, stop holding on to our exes, letting others to come and give chances to them, is, When we are able to move on and receive the love we truly deserve.


Break the stigma~

Majority of us don’t reach out to a psychiatrist or psychologist when faced with a mental illness or something we are not able to manage that is affecting 2/3 spheres of our lives.

Few probable reasons for the same can be fear of negative judgement by others, comparing self with those who don’t go to a mental health professional. We live in a society where we are constantly evaluated by people and doing or feeling something against the set stereotypes make people distant from us or make them overly possessive towards us, both of which is overwhelming and that can take our lives as well if this continues and worsen.

When we have fever or cold we tend to take medicines or rest or consult a doctor when we are not able to cure by ourselves. It is applicable for all physical illnesses. But when it comes to having a mental disorder why do we restrict ourselves to visit a mental health professional? When it comes to difficulty in handling emotions after consistent efforts we tend to indulge in self harming acts or substance abuse or other acts which may be harmful for us or/and others. Is this justifiable? Why don’t we consult a psychologist/psychiatrist when we face a mental health issue like we consult a physician or other physical illness doctors when we become ill? Is society more important than our lives? Or is feeling overwhelmed consistently more pleasant than feeling happier and content frequently? Is physical health only important for our lives to survive and mental health doesn’t matters to us?

It’s time to take actions for ourselves, take care of ourselves. Society won’t take care of you. You have to do for yourself.

Break the stigma. Reach out to the mental health professionals when you feel a mental health problem arising. The early the better. The decision is yours.

Take chances!

Often in life sometimes we tend to love someone who doesn’t love us back and be with someone whom we don’t love or who doesn’t love us. This practice keeps repeating due to our needs and desires.

However, sometimes there is someone who loves us purely, wants the best for us, would do anything to see us happy even if it means not to be together. There are very few people who hold genuine feelings towards someone, and often while walking and progressing in our lives we tend to neglect them unintentionally or intentionally.
Life has an abundance of love which if we give a chance can make us unfold what we might have never thought of. Look around, observe, and if you encounter even a single soul who is inclined towards you purely and you have some affection towards that person, take a chance. Know that person more. You never know when you end up getting inclined towards that person too and may end up walking together in a way you might have dreamt of someday.
Life is one. Take chances. You never know what you may unfold. And that exploration may turn out to be the bestest thing of your life.


There are so many pros and cons made by us towards writing. Each and everyone holds a different and unique meaning towards how we may write and express ourselves. The views I hold are as follows :

1. A writing made by anyone doesn’t depend on the length of the text written. It depends upon the delivery and quality of the message which is independent of the quantity.

2. Whatever one writes is a way she/he expresses a particular perspective towards something which may or may not be accepted by others. And most of us give a feedback on the same and that’s how we are able to unfold what others believe and feel.

3. Writing is an art. It isn’t about whether you right with the perfect grammer or vocabulary, it is about how you play with the words you want to convey and every piece of writing reflects an emotional and intellectual release.

4. Writing is something which makes one grow as a person, author and make her/him enhance the skills she/he imbibes.

5. A sense of peace and contentment is achieved when one expresses her/his work.

6. Discovery of one’s mistakes and strengths in writing is revealed through others’ feedback. This in turn boosts one’s self esteem and opens up the road to self growth.

7. The bestest part about writing a piece is unbiased and non judgemental essence that one possess. No matter what the other may feel, the author expresses her/his perspective.

Writing is a beautiful form of self expression. Expressing, acknowledging, accepting, improving and appreciation of which makes not only the author but also the readers to grow and expand themselves.

Magic a woman imbibes!

A token of gratitude, love and respect to all the women of the universe:

A woman is one who gives birth to an infant and bears so much during the time of conception.

She is one who may encounter eve teasing much more than a man does, and who may hold a fear much larger than a man while stepping outside her home after 1 am alone.

She is a mother who takes care of her kids, household and work all in a beautiful and synchronized manner. Her zeal and liveliness is something that makes everyone awestruck.

A woman is one who is much more talkative than a guy and that makes her build and enhance connectivity in every sphere. And that is one of the key factors of building up of interpersonal relationships.

She is one who can accomplish anything she wants to once she puts her mind and focus into it.

There is a magic she imbibes which makes her acquire these and many more magnificent achievements. Hats off to each and every woman.


So many tasks, so many dreams, so many goals. In these so many things we hardly have time to be for someone. We are so engrossed in our lives that we don’t have time to even ask our dear ones if they’re doing fine or not and even after knowing we rarely make an effort to support or be there for them. There are handful of people whom we can count on. If you find even a single soul who listens to you, who gives her/his 100% whenever you need that person either virtually or in person, don’t let go that human. It’s easy to find friends or build a family but to have someone with a pure, proactive soul is rare. Don’t let such diamonds go away. Keep them close to you.