From work targets to family responsibilities to social bonding, there is so much that each one of us has to take care of and sometimes some or the other sphere may get left due to xyz reason.

Most of the times, the sphere which is left is our interpersonal relationships that includes our friend ties and partners. And with increasing age and responsibilities, the bonds start becoming feeble and may break as well. Many researches have shown the dissolution of relationships as a result of this.

It is been said that it is very easy to form a bond but it takes a lot of efforts to maintain it throughout your life. Those who are able to, stay in each other’s life and others separate. Continuous mutual investment is what makes any bond sustain.

Staying is pristine. Preserve , radiate and enhance it more.


Enlightenment ~

#Photography. #Nature. #Enlightenment.

This is the picture of the puppy who is in the transition of becoming a dog. She used to be really enthusiastic and joyous. But she met by an accident few days back after which she tends to remain silent and cautious. Most of the people had tried and still try to bring back her enthusiasm and she is gaining it slowly slowly. Just like her, we also encounter accidents or road breakers too in the journey of becoming someone. During such phases, we shall not give up, should get up and keep trying and moving forward with more resilience, efforts and determination.

It’s wonderful how we can get enlighten by observing this. Nature has so much to give us if we pay attention.

Love begins with “I”

Love is the purest form of virtue which is individualistic first and then universal.

Only when we are able to love ourselves, take care, engage in self growth and introspection, let ourselves explore alone, enhance our strengths only then we are able to love someone else be it our own parents, siblings, family, partner, friends or those we meet in our lives.

There is a saying “You cannot serve from an empty cup” which means that we cannot love anyone or care for someone unless we do for ourselves first. The fruits of self care is satiable only if we unfold the power that it holds.

So, develop love within enhance your strengths, to embrace your weaknesses, to increase the level of self love and thus radiating it worlwide.