Are we too guarded to let someone in?

Love is that one word that can freeze anyone and can make an individual’s life a mess or a heaven of enlightenment. It’s a feeling we have when we start walking for the first time, it’s the touch we experience which gives us an essence of security, it’s the only thing which is priceless, it’s a thinking which has an insightful splendour, and it’s a soul whose spirit is pristine. Love holds a beauty whose radiance is reflected by our words and actions.

Nowadays, most of us have become over protective of ourselves that we tend to neglect letting someone in. On one side, it is good since it means we are selective, however on the other, it makes us restrict to even open up to anyone, to believe in someone, or even to feel for an individual. Our past relationships make us fearful and make us even more cautious. This cautiousness affect our unconscious to an extent which restrict us in feeling for someone. It feels like we are a mountain having snow all over and that snow is our shield which is safeguarding us. In this protection, mountain may remain intact yet unless it let itself expose to the wind, it won’t ever know which breeze it can savour. It will be secure by the snow yet it won’t be able to experience the love and cordialness of any type of wind.

It’s been said that life is short and we have only today.

So, stop worrying, let your heart unfold overtly, let people in and experience the serendipity. You may get surprise by the power of love and mutual receptiveness.


Authentic Essence~

I clicked this picture. Just like these flowers, each one of us is a beautiful flower having pristine serenity and authenticity which is irreplaceable and magnificent. Acknowledging, Enhancing, Loving and Radiating this genuine self make us grow and glow from within and towards the world just like these flowers.