Who is responsible for women’s safety in India?

Every now and then we observe news coming on rape, molestation, and eve teasing. Nirbhaya’s case had brought a severe tumult in the entire country yet the upshot was that one defendant was released instead of hanged and others were hanged after 3 long years of jurisdiction. Who is to be questioned? India’s law? Or the people who got were innocent yet became the victim of abuse? Or the women’s safety? There are millions of such cases which till date are unsolved and hidden under the table.    

India is a beautiful country where diverse cultures are respected and loved yet it encounters abuse every single second at some or other part of the country. Is it the fault of a woman to step out of their houses during any point of the day? Is it the fault of a woman to travel alone? Is it the fault of a woman to wear western clothes? Is it the fault of a woman to raise her voice against any injustice happening with her? Whose fault is it? When each and every man can walk freely at 3am, when every man can wear western clothes, when every man can travel alone, then why is it restricted for a woman? Why is it that a woman’s safety a major concern for the family than a man?

Well, it is really difficult to give a precise reason for the happenings in our country. I believe it’s important for a woman to raise her voice in case of any violation or molestation, it is the responsibility of India’s law to be more firm and quick in terms of punishing the criminals, it is the duty of every citizen to raise voice if they see one happening, and most importantly each of us should never forget that India is our country, to safeguard every citizen is our responsibility. 

Let us join hands to make India a safe and secure place to live for all of us.


Khwaaishyein baht hai..

Par unko paane ke liye phle unke kaabil toh bn jao..

Iraade baht hai..

Par unhe pura krne ke lye phle utne pakke toh bn jao..

Chalte chalte baht baar girte hai..

Par dagmagakr himat haarne ke bjaaye..

Phle girkr uthna toh seekh jao..

Aur manzile toh milege hi..  

Phle khud par yakeen krna toh seekh jao..