Remember the Purpose!

Have you ever felt dejected, disappointed, sorrowful, anxious and angry and tried figuring out the reason and couldn’t think of any? Have you ever experienced drinking all day with no limit of quantity or or smoking with not remembering how many cigarettes you have smoked by now or injecting another dose of heroine or cocaine or other substance not remembering how much you have consumed till now or eating to an extent that you don’t remember how much you have eaten? Have you ever felt not getting up due a disappointment be it in your personal or professional life? Have you ever felt masking yourself in front of everyone feeling irritable within?⠀

Most of us may have felt any of the above at some or the other time in their lives. The list is endless and the severe of what happens is committing suicides or killing lives.⠀

So, why does this behavior keeps on repeating sometimes? What is the real reason behind? The reason lies in the way you see life in front of you. The moment you have a clear reason for everything you do, the moment you understand the reason for why something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be, the moment you take responsibility for your mistakes and forgive those who harm you, is the moment the behavior deviating from who you usually used to be at your best will change and is the moment your life becomes better.⠀

“Whenever you feel you are a mess or in a mess, remember only one thing, what is the greater purpose behind? Where do you want to go? Why are you stuck where you feel stuck? How can you go ahead now? How can you get help?”

Life is a blissful journey. Remember the purpose you hold in your respective lives regularly. The clearer your purpose the better you go towards fulfilling it.