It is okay to have a relapse!

The journey of a recovering addict can be quite challenging for her/him. ⠀⠀
It is okay to encounter a roadblock. It is okay to have a relapse. ⠀⠀
Most recovering addicts tend to take treatments, become well and leave the treatment after a point of time not considering the effects it can have on them. And these individuals sometimes end up having relapses and some don’t turn up for the treatment again due to the thought process of investing too much in the treatment and falling into the same place again. Emotions like anger, guilt, shame, sadness tend to overpower them which restrict them to take a step and ask for help. ⠀⠀
Understand that it is completely alright to have relapses. We are humans and many a times we may experience roadblocks in our journey to sobriety. What is important is to ask for help if you have a pitfall. ⠀⠀

Raise your voice for yourself. It is not about the times things have taken a different path, it is the times we have acknowledged it and taken the control and have brought ourselves back on the path we want to walk on. 🙌❄💚⠀
If you feel you have a relapse or regular relapses and want to step out of them towards sobriety and are not able to due to any reason, feel free to ask for professional assistance. ❄🌈

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2 thoughts on “It is okay to have a relapse!”

  1. Hmmmm. I know the “secret” of prolonged sobriety. I’m sure it works because after 28 years I think I have enough strength and wisdom to know. Think being the operative word.

    When I first started attending AA, after a short stay in rehab, I met all sorts of people. Many were really struggling to stay sober. It was a fight from hour to hour. I was pretty sure that I couldn’t do that.

    On one particular very tough day I was sitting in my car waiting for the light to change. I said to my higher power, who I call God, that I couldn’t do this. A thought popped into my head, not my thought mind you, but for some other place. It said, “give up all control.” The second I came to that, I never thought about drinking again. Of course, I still go to meetings a little.

    As I always say, control is overrated.


    1. Very well said. Also, Willingness is the first step towards sobriety. Rest is a journey we take through AA, regular counselling sessions and taking care of ourselves. And I’m Proud of You, of Your Strength and Your Wisdom. 🙂


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