Through the dense~

#Photography. #Enlightenment. #View. #Inspiration.

I clicked a picture of this view. The view has a meaning. Just like in the picture, the sun is radiating light towards the darkness and is disappearing it, whenever there is a darkness or a restriction, broaden up your mind to see the light around you including yourself and you will surely find it. Be patient enough to discover, feel and radiate this essence of light.


#Photography. #Love. #Commitment. #Togetherness.

Loving someone is easy..BUT Commitment is a challenge which isn’t that easy.

It’s beautiful how much we can love someone, appreciate and adore someone’s qualities, and how much we can respect the other. However, giving commitment is something which most of us step back from because the bed of roses has thorns as well. The flaws or the clashes between the partners can be a huge reason for dissolution or avoiding the commitment. Crossing this barrier is really significant. And once the acceptance and understanding is built, then a relationship blossoms like a meadow of orchids.


#Connect. #Sketch. #Abstract.

I drew this sketch the last night and it portrays different insights regarding connectivity. It’s beautiful how much you can connect with someone, a connection that stays even if you’re miles apart, the loss of which may bring instability in your life for sometime and the sustainability of which makes you feel secure and contented. Coming to the literal essence of holding hands, it is something which makes one feel at home, an affection which ensures protection and a love which reflects warmth and purity. 

A sketch has the power to radiate a semantic essence if we delve deeper into it.