Upbringing and Consequences of Western Culture in Intimate Relationships of Indian Youth!

The beauty of an intimate relationship resides on the way two people see and love each other, the way they trust and are loyal towards each other, the way differences and fights make their relationship grow rather than breaking them, the way they see themselves together, the way they plan their future with each other and a lot more, is indeed an extremely beautiful and serene essence. However, western culture has immensely altered this course of tradition. It has been a blessing and a curse in every aspect of our lives.

Nowadays, youth prefer to try engaging in relationships just to see if they get compatible with someone or can develop feelings for someone without giving any commitment or without the involvement of love in the first place. Movies like “Friends with benefits”, “No strings attached”, “One night stand”, further inspires the people to go for trials or experiment with others to see if it works out or not. If it does, people may tend to stay together yet if it doesn’t people split. Moreover, due to westernization, only physical intimacy has become the sole factor in determining the affection and love among couples. Words like “Boyfriend”, “Girlfriend”, “Relationship”, “Commitment”, “Dating”, are getting depleted day by day and the meaning of such words has been modified completely. At the end, there are building of more trust issues, higher levels of insecurity among us and development of irresistible fears. And few of us who love truly and tend to become loyal in a relationship often are back stabbed by our partners or get hurted for no reason at the end, often end up having psychological disturbances and physical illness as well.

The transparency and purity which used to exist once, the commitment that once persisted, the loyalty which used to be felt in one’s eyes and actions, no longer exists in most of the relationships among the youth of India.

Western culture has no doubt been a blessing in some aspects of our lives however in terms of intimate relationships, it has reduced the pristine essence of an intimate relationship. And it is the responsibility of every youth in India not to imbibe everything which is been radiated through westernization  and to keep the beauty of intimate relationships intact and fruitful.


It’s the little things in life which makes our lives much more huge and special. I met my friend who gave me a chocolate for celebrating my success in my career. The joy and peace I felt was tremendous. It’s really amazing how a small gesture can make a huge difference to you. I’m really thankful to him.


Once you make up your mind towards something and are positive about it, you will achieve it no matter how many roadblocks you may encounter. Don’t lessen the challenges, instead challenge your limits and go beyond them to reach where you have always thought to reach.

Savour the Present


“Be in the moment”, “Live like there is no tomorrow”, phrases which we often hear yet many of us seldom follow. It is enormous how much we have and who all we have; insight of which strengthens the level of resilience and blissfulness within us. Living these aspects mindfully each moment is what makes us be here, in the present and makes something eternal. However, we are caught up in the diversities and coiled rings of life which restricts us to experience every second wholeheartedly. We are too attuned towards our career planning and family sustenance that we are not able to completely feel the moment we are in.

We are either worried about our career building we are engrossed in thinking how and what all do we have to do to accomplish our dreams or we are too much absorbed in the past resolving issues we had faced or trying to build resilience that got distorted due to our past experiences. As a result, we tend to sway like a pendulum between past and future while the reality i.e. today is often neglected by us.

What we have is only a moment of now which if we use effectively can make a huge difference in the level of happiness and contentment in our lives. Savouring, acknowledging and appreciating the Present doubles the happiness, brings serenity and an essence of fulfilment in our lives. It makes us glued to actually living the moment than transiently letting it go. For instance, drinking a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying it means to enjoy and feel each sip of beverage, being aware of it engulfing down from the oesophagus and travelling in the body. Another example can be relishing the times we meet our close buddies through being completely with them keeping aside sources of distractions; giving yourself completely to them and being with them mindfully and not giving only the presence of our body yet souls as well. Technology and other distractions should be kept at a far distance while solely savouring a moment.

Savouring every moment completely requires consistent effort and awareness upon which we achieve an amazingly beautiful feeling and tranquillity which is much higher than any other essence in our lives.