Growth Mindset~

We encounter different types of people. Some get a career early, some build love and get committed for life while there are others who are progressing in every sphere but their pace is different from the former ones.
While walking down the lane, we experience setbacks and they often tend to affect us. In this as well, two types of people exist: first category includes Fixed Mindset which has those who holds a perspective “I didn’t do well. So results didn’t turn out well. And this means that this field is not meant for me. I’m unworthy of achieving anything”. Second category includes Growth Mindset which has those people who has a view “I didn’t do well so results were against me. I’m going to work on my mistakes and am going to crack the exam or achieve this particular thing, dream or goal the next time. I’m worthy of it and I have to work harder and results will follow”. People who hold a growth mindset tend to be the ones who see failure as a means to improve and learn. They keep on growing and are self motivated to stay optimistic even if things don’t turn out well.

There is nothing wrong or right about following a certain mindset. However, fixed mindset ones tend to be reluctant to change or change their perspective while growth ones tend to be flexible and see success as dynamic which helps them to keep the cycle of learning alive.

Thus, we shall keep on exploring and challenging our fixed mindsets and we never know what all we can unfold about ourselves and how far we can travel. 🙂