Road to Understanding!

Attachment is the beginning of any interpersonal relationship be it that of a child with a mother, among real or cousin siblings, between friends or partners. What follows attachment is the feeling of consistent affection towards others which takes the shape of love once the adorable phase is over. In the long run, what matters the most is Understanding..which comes with experience after encounter with 1/few or many souls, transparent communication and maturity. The higher the understanding, higher will be the level of connection between two souls, thus higher will be the commitment and sustainability of the relationship.

Ego Love V/s Authentic Love~

Most of us confuse Ego love with Authentic love and many of us don’t even know the difference between the two.

Ego Love: “I have fallen in love” is addressed by most of us when we experience euphoric feelings of infatuation. We tend to get addicted to someone, tend to be curious to know about other’s whereabouts, emotions, feelings and needs, start exploring activities together in order to know each other, eager to know about other’s past and aspire to be with them in present and future as well. And we wish the same from their end. This kind of love is reciprocal love. It tends to have conditions behind it. This type of love is not truly selfless because it has terms behind it.

Authentic Love: Authentic love has no ifs and buts. It relies on selfless admiration and affection towards the other person. We tend to wish and value the other happiness, even if that happiness doesn’t include us.

Each partner in an intimate relationship strives towards authentic love but this love sometimes tends to be submissive due to our defence mechanisms.

We can imbibe and build authentic love through patience, consistent trials and self awareness and can enhance the quality of our relationship. Let’s be more authentic in our relationships.

Action leads to motivation in treating depression !

Usually motivation makes us do something but many a times once we do something due to any reason, we tend to get motivated to do it again and a new exposure starts building up.

Depressive clients have a tendency not to do anything and give up on everything that comes there way. Pushing them to do something evokes a sense of motivation within them which ultimately modifies their state of mind and eventually making them active and more respondent towards you.

Action does leads to motivation not just with the depressive patients but also with each one of us.


Everything uttered by us goes to bin unless it gets justified by our actions. There are many of us who have productive perspectives regarding diverse areas of community (be it corruption, parenting, success, relationships, ..) but only few of us are the ones who actually follow them in real life or make a change by their actions.

If you hold a view that we should teach our kids self control then first that should be imbibed by you because kids learn the most by their parents’ actions and not simply by what they speak. If you think that corruption should end, you should make sure not to do anything against the law from your end. If you want to keep a bond intact then the efforts shall be put from your end first instead of expecting something from the other end initially

The family, relationships, society, workplace, and the entire world starts changing if each one of us Be the change. 🌟