Often in life we are immensely soaked in cribbing about the things we don’t have, about the heartbreaks we have been through, the mistakes that we often commit, the things we are not able to get, the wishes which get unheard or unfulfilled yet very rare are those moments where in we actually love and feel the blessings we have achieved in our lives. Blessings are those good tidings which increases the level of happiness and serenity in our lives.

There are many thing to be grateful of, starting from our own soul, to the close ones we have, the smiles we spread, the kindness we radiate, the hope and faith we imbibe, the love and affection which we exhibit, the nature which is a storehouse of untold and magnificent discoveries, the resources which help us to fulfill our dreams starting from qualitative to quantitative aspects. Blessings also include those moments which we savor insightfully and which captivate our inner child.

So, Life is full of beautiful blessings only if we open up our souls to behold and acknowledge them.

Resilience is Excellence

Resilience is that one sword that has the power to stab negativity and increase positivity. It is the power to bounce back during difficult circumstances. It is the pavement to a beautiful transformation and growth.

Sometimes we encounter uncertain situations where in everything seems to go against the flow and we tend to get affected adversely during those times. The way we manage these aspects is what defines our degree of resilience.

The unhealthy ways through which most of the people try to cope with these situations can be abuse, indulgence in self harming activities or blaiming external cues. The list is endless. Another way of taking the entire circumstance includes viewing the entire scene as an icing on the cake,where cake is you,your efforts,and your wisdom. And icing is the push to you which is helping you unfold your undiscovered potential and strength to become wiser,healthier,more optimistic and productive. 

This method includes: Asking and venting out to your close ones, Increasing the level of patience through yoga and meditation, Exercising to release the build up anxiety due to the situation, Sleeping appropriately to relax your mind and increase your horizon of thinking, Increasing your access to humor to awaken the child inside you, Being more optimistic by changing cognitive distortions through indulging in positive self talk,watching and encountering optimistic means.

These methods have a powerful impact only if we religiously follow them.

So resilience is a maze which makes us land into a meadow of serene and resonating orchids.