Soul Speaking!

Are the people real? Are they caring? Do they love you? Is the world humane? There are certain times when these and many such questions start running in our minds and we tend to become isolated from the social life we have. Each one of us wants someone to be there, to ask us about our lives, our dreams and wishes, about our fears and uncertainties, someone who would be in touch qualitatively. Close ones like family and close friends are the angels who fulfill this area.
However sometimes we need help yet are unable to say to even a single person who is close to us. The reason behind this is not the attached stigma but a belief that we may be rejected by the society. We become paralyzed by the whirl of ifs and buts. We become dismantle and to collect all our pieces we need someone to pick us and help us in gluing the distorted pieces. We need love and affection at that point the utmost. However, sometimes in the rush and self centered living, we are not able to receive adequate attention and affection. That is the most critical phase where in only you can do something to lift yourself up or can go with the flow, be patient with what is going now, be hopeful for the good, feel you’re becoming more wise, see the good in this and be positive about the future.
So, life doesn’t always turn out the way we wish it to be. And when it doesn’t, we shall gather ourselves and keep walking through whatever we are going through. Everything that happens tests us and prepare us to become the bestest versions of ourselves.