Do it!

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I made this sketch few days back. I have not mastered sketching I’m just a beginner. I started sketching after may be 23 or 24 years and the happiness I feel while sketching makes this hobby even more fascinating to me. It’s not important if your sketch doesn’t meet the societal definition of a perfect sketch I feel what is more important is the fact that you love doing something, love spending time and investing yourself into it, experiencing flow in the journey, and what’s more magical than losing the time when you actually do it. It’s worth the efforts to explore new hobbies, thereby discovering a new aspect of yourself, and enjoying it wholeheartedly.

Good tidings~

#Photography. #Nature. #Inspiring. #Euphoric.

This morning as the day seized, I came across this view and it filled my heart with excitement and glare.

Just like this view, each one of us is a lamp in someone’s life including ours. Delve into your heart and you will unfold the spark you have imbibed. 

 It’s magnificent how nature can make you euphoric and inspire you. 

Can Money make us really Rich?

Money! Money! Money! May be it can buy souls too. Isn’t it?
To wear clothes of the topmost brands, to buy the most expensive car, to wear the most renowned jewellery, to sleep in the most famous apartment, to eat in the most known places of the world, to watch movies the moment they release in theatres, to earn money till the greed ends and so on, all this is what today’s life all about. And most of us feel that accomplishing all the above aspects yield a sense of richness. 
Have you ever experienced the joy you can feel when you lend a hand to someone to save her/his life? To eat the street food and yearning for it the next moment? To walk aimlessly on a road singing your favorite songs? To buy one cup of ice cream and share among every friend? To wear a hoody which is shared by all the siblings? To watch a movie with everyone at home, eating, yelling and sleeping together? To play with stones? To help parents and family? To talk with a friend for hours and exchange life happenings with each other? To build a bond with your partner and grow in love with her/him? To meet dear ones after a long time? And the list, is endless. 

These things make us rich, the joy and contentment we feel due to them is permanent and ever lasting. Money can never make us buy these aspects but still most of us keep on running to become someone who has all the materialistic comforts without realizing they are giving us nothing except greed and temporary happiness.
So, money cannot make us rich and realizing this makes us the richest.

Beauty of Nature!

#Transition. #Weather change. #Beauty. #Photography.

Summers are here and the weather is at it’s peak. But this evening, suddenly the entire environment changed and there was a tremendous thunderstorm followed by rain. The shot I took showed the intensity of the wave from zero to zenith. 

The nature is full of serendipities. Just like this shot, our life is full of unexpected happenings some of which enlighten us with love and happiness, and we are left with no words to express.