Transcendent Nature

Nature is beautiful and pristine. The transcendence which it radiates is splendid. Each and everything existing in the natural world bears a cordial and placid allure. The views we encounter in the nature are inspiring and empowering as well.

The view which we see becomes insightful when we are able to experience mindfulness and flow while observing it. Capturing the same then gives a sense of euphoria and serenity. 

The picture that I have clicked radiates a beautiful meaning. There is a light within each one of us which guides us, directs us, motivates us, make us unfold our true potentials, and which makes us see new perspectives of everything we encounter. It is beautiful how this illumination glorifies our lives.

So, Nature has it’s own ways to inspire us, and to make us more insightful only if we give ourselves some time to go out and observe.

Is too much..too much?

‘Don’t speak much’, ‘Don’t love her so much’, Don’t lie so much’, ‘Don’t be selfless too much’, and don’t do too much of anything because its hogwash. We usually hear these and many more statements from our dear ones and then restrict ourselves from going beyond the set limits and standards of our society.

As a child, when we used to do similar things, everyone used to ask and crave for more of it from our sides. As we grew and become adults, we are deprived from all such aspects. As kids, we were free to act how so ever we wished to, and to be anyone we would want to. As we moved ahead, we came to unfold the norms of society, the distinction between what is wrong and what is right, and gradually we stopped feeling, acting and expressing our real feelings because they don’t have an existence in the real world, and if we somehow speak too, we are hit brutally by disappointments, verbal rejections, physical abuses, and never ending taunts. To feel even a single emotion extensively has now become disastrous for our souls and well being. We cannot act like a kid ,or feel like a kid because we are no longer a child apparently. 

What if we act and feel like a kid? What if we let ourselves to be more free than to make ourselves restrict to the boundaries of the societal norms? What if we are not judged at any point? May be then we will be more free from our worries, our insecurities, our fears, and our schemas. It is possible when we receive such a non-jugdemental, warm, and loving environment or may be when we just don’t give a damn to anyone and act and feel like we wish to.  

Life is a learning experience but sometimes this experience restricts your inner child to come out and be its real self.

Let us try to take every experience objectively and be more free and expressive in our ways. 

Naked Soul

“His hands were exploring every inch of her body, gradually everything was turning intense, and they made love”. This is the most common story of today’s youth. Getting intimate with someone physically has now become a normal affair and the coolest trend.It gives one a sense of temporary relief,joy, and satisfaction from day to day hassles. And in a world which is becoming techno intelligent and fast forward, people don’t have qualitative time to give someone, to share themselves, or to talk freely even, so that’s why making love is the most easiest way to let your emotions out but the most peculiar thing about it is you make love as long as it seems appealing and enjoyable, and after that its gone.When you start losing interest in your partner you leave your partner and start hunting for a new one, and the entire cycle repeats. And if someone asks you how intimate you and your partner were  besides making out,you tend to hardly have anything to share but if you have been asked how connected you both were physically, the response usually comes out to be quite elaborative and productive. It’s weird how vicious this cycle is.It is more attractive and comfortable to reveal your body than to uncover your soul infront of another soul.

Have you ever tried disclosing yourself to someone and have felt more happiness,contentment, and peace there. It involves greater risk to let your heart speak and to receive a warmth receptivity from the other end but once you do that you will unfold the reality of others, and the right people will be the most receptive and warm towards you. We need those people the most in our lives infront of whom our souls can be naked and who radiates a genuine love and affection towards us.

If only we make our souls vulnerable and exposed than our bodies, if only we let our intellect and emotions to be naked instead of our bodies, and if only we take a step towards understanding someone whole heartedly without any bias or lables, how beautiful a relationship can bloom and grow. If we let our souls speak instead of bodies how insightful and mindful we can explore everyone. The bestest aspect of making your soul naked is that you tend to become intimate with someone not just physically yet intellectually, and emotionally as well. 

So, let us come, join souls and hearts together, make them disclose, be accepting and non-judgemental about them, and invest ourselves in the arms of these glorious souls.