Working Life!

Life is a snowflake when we are a kid or are in our college life. There are no worries for our future, no responsibilities of family. School and college days are one of the most piquant and enjoyable days of our lives, we are like a free bird roaming here and there, playing pranks on others, bunking lectures just to watch a movie or hanging out in the canteen, lying and giving excuses at home just to spend more time with our peers, making crushes and dating, getting committed and experimenting with people, engaging in drinking, smoking and druge abuse, and a lot more things which all of us explore and savor during those phases.

However, the moment we enter into the voyage of work, we are bombarded with responsibilities, maturity, limitations, and a major transition comes in our lives. We no longer have enough time for our close ones, we need to think a dozen times and have to plan months or a week ago for taking holidays else our professional growth tends to hamper, we tend to get oriented towards our work and goals whole heartedly which somewhere down the line make our personal life restricted. Our lives start becoming monotonous and dull. The spark seems to diminish with time. On one side of the face, we tend to expand and bloom extensively in our careers and family responsibilities while on the other end, our social circle becomes limited and only the ones who are genuine and serious tend to exist in our lives and rest all other tend to disappear from the picture.

The ocean of working life is pristine, deep and cordial. If we are able to balance our personal and professional front with understanding, commitment and investment from every sphere, then working life also becomes one of the most glorious and beautiful phase in our lives.


This is a shot of my Brother’s marriage.

 Love is holding hands in happiness, sadness, confusion, madness, craziness, stupidity, anger, most importantly love is existing at the worst time of our lives and phases when not only the situation but we ourselves are in a mess and in a state of disequilibrium. 

Hidden Dreams!

Dream starts with a dreamer! Unless we dream we cannot achieve our unconscious or subconscious wishes. 
During the journey of never ending voyage, we dream each moment and put our whole focus on it to acquire as much as we dream to. However, some of our desires and wishes are left unfulfilled due to our family responsibilities. Our parents have done and do a lot for us to make us stand by ourselves, making us knowledgeable and sensible to undertake decisions and guide others, to live a life full of security and contentment. They spend their each and every penny in supporting us and our dreams. Their hard earned money and efforts on us are tremendous. We, on our path to achieve our dreams want to give as much as we can to them and to fulfil their unsaid desires and wishes. On entering into the field of earning, some of us do as much as we can for our families to support and see them happy and sometimes we tend to suppress or postpone our dreams in order to walk with them. On one side of coin, it is really mature and responsible of us to support them in every possible way and to bring so much into their lives that they feel happy and contented while on the other side of the coin, sooner or later our dreams take a back seat and somewhere down the line during this passage, our mindset start deviating from our goals and that in turn start suffocating us from inside. 

 It is beautiful how much we can work, how much we can support and walk with families, how much we can do for others however we must never let our wishes to get passive and take a halt forever. Today or tomorrow, everyone will understand our journey and then we will be able to keep everyone happier and contended keeping ourselves happy as well.

Sometimes, we need to express our hidden dreams, go against our family and societal limitations towards the path of acquiring everything we want to acquire and we never know how much more we can do for everyone including ourselves by pursuing our hidden dreams.  

So, on the road to maturity and responsibility towards our families we shall never outlook or suppress our hidden dreams and should pursue them as well.  

If You Want To Save, Love First

Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah

“You cannot save people. You can only love them.” ― Anaïs Nin

It was not until a few days ago that I realized how much truth hid beneath these two simple statements. I also understood that I’ve been trying to save the people I love for as long as I can remember.

The truth is that we all have our demons. I know I have mine. But, at the same time, we know that the people we love, struggle against similar demons, and, at times we might be inclined to try to save them. After all, it’s our duty.

But the thing is, not every battle can be fought with someone holding our hand. Some battles, we are meant to fight alone, to try to conquer our fears and insecurities.

In real life, the damsel in distress can’t be saved. She may want to, and those who love her may…

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Patience in Career

Patience is a blessing in disguise. It means holding back and delaying for some time to achieve what we truly desire. Patience is the most crucial virtue needed at every phase of our lives.

 These days patience has become just a word and among youngsters it has decreased to a huge extent. They want to accomplish everything instantaneously for which they tend to have shortcuts or illegal means that ends them taking them into a pool of destruction, crime and violence. One of the major reasons for this is upcoming competition and limited number of seats in educational institutions and hiring firms. This competition often brings a sense of failure and worthlessness in individuals because of which people experience psychological or/and physical disturbances. However, one should keep the hardwork and consistency towards their goals intact no matter how many hardships they may face.

Career is the only aspect in our lives that stays with us till our last breath. We are known by our work and are appreciated by the same. If we let ourselves to wait, keep working towards our dreams, be receptive towards our failures and setbacks, learn from everything we encounter, then we are able to not just achieve what we desire but also are able to imbibe many healthy virtues that makes us insightful and productive individuals.