Soulful insight!

Which is better?
To walk away from someone who doesn’t see your worth or to stay for someone who holds you as the priority?

Which is meaningful?
To end the relationship over a senseless topic or to collaborate and grow with the fights?

What is sweeter?
Saying I love you or madness over staying together?

What makes more sense?
A lame identity who shifts from one person to another or a genuine persona who builds love with a single person and stays loyal?

What is challenging?
To love someone with a lot of flaws or to accept yourself having the same?

What is more beautiful?
A fancy gift or a small gesture with quality time?

What is more considerable?
A glass of whine in a room or a cup of tea/coffee on a hill?

What is more romantic?
Being in bed or a warm hug?

What is more practical?
Flying and lost in each other or seeing and planning the future together?

What defines love better?
A gesture that shows instant gratification and closeness or an essence that makes both partners build a mature understanding to be and walk with each other?

A lot of ifs and buts..however a passion and love to be with someone can withstand any obstacle.

Old school relationships!

Getting to know someone be it in the same batch, through a friend or a dating app, has become a trend in today’s culture. Flings, hook ups, short term and casual relationships have become common these days and the reality of a relationship in real sense has become vague and destructive.

We come across people who don’t want to walk with someone in the long run but exist as long as they feel like and then terminate the bond.

Old school relationship is the only one which is the most pristine and authentic among all types of relationships. It is one which involves knowing someone whole heartedly, loving someone to the core, walking and supporting the partner. A bond which has a mature understanding and a growth mindset to work towards conflicts, thus resolving them and maintaining the equilibrium. It doesn’t seeks for instant gratification but whenever communication occurs be it virtually or in person, then the level of investment or involvement if is adequate make the partners feel contented and joyous. That is the beauty of an old school relationship. One doesn’t thinks that the relationship will last for 3 months or so instead there is a hardcore belief that it is going to last for a lifetime.

How beautiful it will be if the entire world is full of such authenticity and purity in relationships, a place where there is passion and madness in loving someone, where there is loyalty and understanding, where people want to walk with someone for their entire lives.

An intimate relationship if is an old school then nothing can let it break ever.

Everything is setting!

The higher the faith, hardwork and perseverance, greater will be the level of growth of an individual. Be it a journey in becoming better, or achieving a milestone or building up a relationship, everything is fixing at every point only of we open up our eyes and soul to discover the satiable and significant result of our actions. Every effort, every belief and everything you put in counts. Fruits turn out to be sweet when we have the patience to wait for the seeds to grow while taking care of them regularly.

Complexity of intimate relationships and friendships


Friendship and intimate relationships today have become a cliché. The original meaning is lost in modern times. Intimate relationship is one which involves intimacy at physical, emotional and intellectual level. Friendship is a type of interpersonal relationship of mutual affection between people. Both the relationships follow a similar trail with few differences.

We usually look for fun and adventure, and if we encounter something boring we are not able to digest it which makes us switch to something or someone else. On the other side, we are too busy in chasing so many things that we don’t have time for others in an insightful manner and we still often claim that we miss each other. We tend to spend our day with so many individuals rather than spending with simply one and being genuine in the same. Moreover, options are looked for rather than being loyal and passionate to few close ones who exist in our lives and this eventually make us lose them while wandering for other stars in the sky. One of the biggest poison of any relationship is Technology since the ease of communicating has reduced the natural essence of a bond. We prefer to be engrossed in the virtual world rather than meeting personally and spending time to know each other. To value a bond has just become another Social Networking Status and nothing beyond that.

Shifting the focus towards the differences, there is a very thin line between a friendship and an intimate relationship. However, nowadays this line is often perceived as neglible by the youth. The feeling of loneliness make most of the people crave for a connection that is more than a friend and less than an intimate relationship, and this in turn make people land up into complicated relationships and the real essence of a bond gets distorted. Most of us don’t even know the real meaning of an intimate relationship and we tend to overlap it with friendship. An orientation towards the reality check and insightful introspection is a good way to make us realize and unfold the actual essence of a friendship and an intimate relationship which can help us to take our decisions wisely and in a mature manner.

So, a light on friendship and intimate relationship is an important aspect to make them segregate from each other and to avoid complications in any of them.