Is love lost somewhere?

“And I walked down the same lane all over again and met with an accident again. I thought that it would work this time but alas! I was wrong. I have become disheveled in my actions now. I’m tired of all this. He gave me a reason to believe only to make me believe that it can’t happen with me. I’m too numb to respond to this. I’m too feeble to share with anyone. I walked down the same tunnel and landed up in a black hole. I wish I could have experienced true love but I think it’s too late now. The wounds are too strong”.

Some or may be many of us might have faced this situation or would have encountered a heartbreak at some point in our lives after which we almost stopped believing in “real intimate love”. Don’t you think that it has become a trend to just have someone without any strings attached? Going on dates, talking, getting physical and so on, we are doing everything without any reason and may be the reason could be to have someone for sometime.

So is this love? No! Love is the most deepest emotion which is beyond anything. It’s not the way someone says something it’s the way someone stays silent and you feel at peace. It’s not the way how conflicts are resolved it’s how partners admire each other’s strengths practically, it’s not about feeling sad upon leaving for home it’s about feeling the contentment towards the bond which has been built, it’s not about the occasional surprises it’s about the little things that makes an ocean or a couple complete. Love is a beautiful essence which when happens with someone she/he changes completely and it gets reflected in one’s actions. It’s really easy to utter something however one’s actions reflect everything. Nowadays, most of us know only to make promises and leave, we don’t know how to keep them intact, we make commitments but we are not bothered making any effort towards anyone.

Love seems to be lost in the mist and may be we can let it unfold only when we genuinely understand it’s real meaning.