Break the stigma~

Majority of us don’t reach out to a psychiatrist or psychologist when faced with a mental illness or something we are not able to manage that is affecting 2/3 spheres of our lives.

Few probable reasons for the same can be fear of negative judgement by others, comparing self with those who don’t go to a mental health professional. We live in a society where we are constantly evaluated by people and doing or feeling something against the set stereotypes make people distant from us or make them overly possessive towards us, both of which is overwhelming and that can take our lives as well if this continues and worsen.

When we have fever or cold we tend to take medicines or rest or consult a doctor when we are not able to cure by ourselves. It is applicable for all physical illnesses. But when it comes to having a mental disorder why do we restrict ourselves to visit a mental health professional? When it comes to difficulty in handling emotions after consistent efforts we tend to indulge in self harming acts or substance abuse or other acts which may be harmful for us or/and others. Is this justifiable? Why don’t we consult a psychologist/psychiatrist when we face a mental health issue like we consult a physician or other physical illness doctors when we become ill? Is society more important than our lives? Or is feeling overwhelmed consistently more pleasant than feeling happier and content frequently? Is physical health only important for our lives to survive and mental health doesn’t matters to us?

It’s time to take actions for ourselves, take care of ourselves. Society won’t take care of you. You have to do for yourself.

Break the stigma. Reach out to the mental health professionals when you feel a mental health problem arising. The early the better. The decision is yours.