Are men sensitive?

From ancient times, men are bound to be powerful, courageous, and strong. They have been the warriors and a shield to our families and country. To show intense negative emotions or to commit suicide by a man means to be a coward in our culture. Many a times, they simply become cold and distant when they can’t handle a difficult situation by themselves.
Our society has been structured in a way that men hardly show any negative expression and are most of the times tend to exhibit poise and joyous personality. 

So, does it means that they don’t get hurt enough to express their emotions easliy? Or are insensitive to the needs of others? Well biologically yes. Men’s emotional domain is limited to the right brain while women’s sphere is present on both right and left hemispheres. This is what makes a man stay calm and controlled in adverse situations, and thus is able to make rational and wise decisions. While, a woman can become an angry bird or a crying baby in stressful events, and takes more time to normalize. 

Somewhere down the line, this behavior is deteriorating because others are then not able to know the exact emotions of men and this often leads to misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships. Being more mellow and emphatic with them, becoming curious to know the honest expression, and staying patient to let them express may help in letting a man express. The next time if you see your close one becoming irritated or angry, try to be humble and patient to him, he will express and explain his frustration. Give some time and space to him.  

So, Men aren’t insensitive. They need much more patience, empathy, and affection than we think they need.

Is it really hard?

Ever wondered how would it feel to live with someone who has a mental illness? Ever lived with one? We people often crib about our appearances, health, and try what not to make ourselves according to the set standards of the society. Now, what about those people who are born with a psychological problem or encounter one during their lifetime. So, if you ever encountered living with such a soul, especially if that person is your life partner what would you do? Leave her/him? Curse that person? Probably that’s the most easiest way out to respond. Yet have you ever wondered about how much weaknesses do you imbibe within you? How easy it is to blaim someone or something which is infront of our eyes than something which we imbibe. If we think about it then may be it won’t be that hard to live with that person. When our parents, family, close friends accept and support us after knowing our faults, then why can’t be accept and support those who suffer a mental illness, and help them with their issues.

It’s time to break the stigma of the psychological disorders, and a more supportive measure needs to be taken up to help those with a mental illness.