I made this painting. Trying to explore the creative aspect of mine. It has a meaning too. Red background denotes danger. Green plant denotes growth in danger. Blue water denotes life and hope. Stars denote dreams and Faith denotes Belief.


Animals are beautiful. Each and every animal has it’s own charm. The way a dog is loyal, the way ants are hardworking to collect food, the way birds communicate with each other to build connections, the way squirrels break food into chunks and eat, the way rabbits look and hide, the way kangaroos carry their children with them, the way lions walk with pride and zeal, the way owl wakes up the entire night to look for predators, and a lot more. Every animal has something to make us learn about life and get more closer to the unseen disclosures.

Never Stop Exploring!

My friends and I went to a restaurant and I saw these lamps and lights there. How inspiring each and every encounter is. Different shapes, different lamps, different illumination of light. Similarly we humans are..different appearances, different perspectives, different ways to illuminate light within ourselves. It’s beautiful how we can explore so much and how diverse we all are.

Respect and Love!

I made this sketch. It signifies the union of different religions. The meaning of the same is that we should love and respect each other equally be it someone from a different caste, race or color. We all are similar biologically, so distinction based on the above aspects should be reduced and acceptance with utmost love, affection and respect should be encouraged and enhanced. 

The world is one. Let us unite to become one as well.