Mental Health of Men!

Due to the societal expectations and stereotypical masculine norms and successive reinforcement, males are not able to come forward to ask for help or seek therapy. Anything deviating from the traditional gender roles is still not accepted by the society completely. ⠀
The most important thing to remember is that we all are humans. We all are allowed to feel and act in ways others may not see as acceptable. And that is completely alright. It is completely normal for a man to cry or express his emotions, to seek help/therapy or be feminine. We need to normalize these and many more things for men.⠀⠀
Mental health of males is as important as that of females. It’s time to stand up for yourself, speak how you feel, and seek help if something is bothering you which is not settling. ⠀⠀
Remember this: “You are Important and Your Mental Health is Highly Significant”. ⠀⠀
If you are facing a concern(s) and want to seek Professional Help, contact on 8447523083 or email at for scheduling a session. 🌈❄⠀
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