The Comparison Trap!

Each and every person is different, has different experiences, values, goals and life. Even if you think you are similar to someone or someone’s life is similar to you, that does not mean both of you are identical. There is a huge difference between being similar and identical. ⠀

When none of us are same, our genetic make up is different, DNA is different, what is the point of comparing ourselves with anyone in this world? The only person we may compare ourselves with is our own selves. With who we were yesterday, with how we were yesterday, with striving towards something we were not yesterday. ⠀

We don’t grow in real sense when we compare ourselves with someone. That growth is superficial which may fade away. We grow when we compare ourselves with our past selves, work on us and become better. 🌈 ⠀

Raising healthy children!

“Give them Nurturance and Structure”.⠀⠀
Parenting is continuous. It marks the beginning of one’s life and also personality in later life. We tend to keep on learning new things every single day. There are many things one shall consider while parenting. ⠀⠀
Two of them include Nurturance and Structure. Nurturance includes radiating love, fun and acceptance towards your children while Structure includes building a routine for the child to inculcate healthy habits. ⠀⠀
Let us raise kids in a healthy and constructive way. 🙂💚🌈

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Relationship Counselling!

Relationship Counselling or Couple Therapy or Marriage Counselling is a type of counselling which is conducted with the couples who are unmarried/& married. ⠀

Relationships need hard work, time, energy and commitment, and the ones which have the combination of all these constructs are more successful and last longer or life long than the ones who don’t. In the journey of being together, we sometimes face roadblocks which partners are not able to overcome. Something or the other usually hinders the journey. ⠀

According to one of the pioneers in this field, individuals who are on the verge of divorce can sometimes feel like they have to choose between two competing choices:’Do I divorce so that I can find happiness again or do I stay together for the family’s sake and remain unhappy?’ We think that this choice is false. Many evidences report that with the proper help and willingness on the part of both the spouses, many marriages that might otherwise end in divorce can become healthy and supportive. All they need is the appropriate guidance.
A couple therapist can guide you in handling your concerns, can understand you and your partner insightfully and can help you in implementing tools to alter the way you communicate, and work upon and resolve the unhealthy patterns in the relationship. ⠀

Seek counselling if things are becoming unhealthy from a long period of time. 🌈