The Last Lecture


I have recently read an extremely inspirational book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Randy was someone who was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer and he died in the year 2008. He was a scientist and a Professor. He had written this novel for his kids.This novel unfolds the entire odyssey of Randy’s life, covering his childhood, the bond he had shared with his parents, interpersonal connections he formed throughout his life, the brick walls he encountered while discovering himself and his career, ¬†magnificent revelation of his soulmate Jai, and glorious birth of his children.

Some of the aspects which had inspire me are:

* Brick walls exist to make us realize how badly we want to accomplish something.

* Time is all you have for yourself and for everyone else out there. Make sure to use it effectively in every sphere of your life.

* Wait long enough. People will surprise you. It needs great patience. Everyone has a good side. Give them enough time.

* When preparation meets opportunity, luck happens.

* Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.

* All we have to do is ask and it can lead to all your dreams coming true.

Randy had enhanced and embraced not just his last days of life yet has inspired each one of us to live each day mindfully, to savor and be blessed of what we have in our lives.

* A must read for all off us.*

Web Of Virtual World

With the advancement of technology and gadgets,the entire world is getting entangled and is entering into the helical sphere of virtual reality. Virtual world, which indicates the world of being connected through technology,has today decreased the visibility of interpersonal relationships and has effected the bond and intimacy to a great extent.Nowadays since the mode of virtual communication has become quite easier people often tend to avoid meeting in person.Everything today has become comfortably available through online medium and technologies and this ease of lifestyle has limited the real perception of a person.The realm of the actual experience has become restricted.People now often avoid meetings and hang outs because they are immensely engrossed in the whirl of the virtual world.What seemed to be a fruitful mode earlier now is becoming vicious.
The upcoming of the technology and techniques has beautifully increased the ways of communication and interactions yet the fact,that they have reduced the excitement and possibility of meeting in person,should not be
neglected.There should be a balance between the virtual and real world in a way that our interpersonal relationships strengthen and there shouldn’t be any decline in any aspect of the intimacy we share with others.
So, the relationships should not simply revolve around the virtual aspect yet the actual or real experience of the same should be taken into consideration and should be enhanced.


Selfish World

14500496_760074700800374_3602015397266966400_oEach one of us wants to reach somewhere in our lives and the road to conquer that place is a blend of speadbreakers and velvet marbles.We all tend to be selfish at some point and the world is becoming more of it with each passing day due to increase in the hardcore competition and spirit to defeat others.

In the voyage to be somebody, people are losing the humaneness in them and are losing the senstivity towards others.People are neglecting the fact that life is a journey to not just be somebody yet also to live where you are and to touch the lives of others.LIVE stands for Love In Various Elements which means to spread compassion and love to each and every aspect of your life.
All of us are born with nothing and none of us is going to carry anything along when we will die.Knowing this fact also makes no difference to today’s youth.Being selfish can make you attain the materialistic pleasures which are transient yet that will never make you earn or achieve the permanence of respect, love,peace, inner happiness and contentment from anybody including your ownself.
Let us join hands today to improve ourselves holistically , to spread altruism and attain peace and humanity within us.

Can a guy and a woman never be simply best friends?

“I think that they are committed”, “I think that they are siblings”, I think that he likes her”, “I think that she likes him”, and many more comments are usually passed by people. The meaning and depth of a true friendship today has no insight. There seems to be no trueness in the same. There are so many interpretations which people make which makes the friendship stagger.
Many a times even the partners within the friendship tie feel as if there is something beyond friendship from the other end. Like if the other is talking to you 24/7, or is always there for you to help you out in any situation, if the care and positive regard are unconditional, and many others, that doesn’t mean that the other person is in love with you in other way. If all these aspects are seen in the case of same sex friendship then nobody says anything and there is no feeling that may be the other half likes me. Yet this happens commonly in the case of opposite sex friendship. This gender bias is unfair and illogical. Just because the other is of opposite sex that doesn’t means that that person can’t be so close as a bestest buddy. There is a love within the string of friendship which is much higher than the romantic love and is beyond infinity. If people could actually sense it would make them more sensible and would make them grow in friendship and the level of love. If you feel something for someone say it yet don’t simply assume things because you don’t know what the other person has for you.
People have spoiled the beauty and magnificence of a true friendship.
So friendship is the most beautiful aspect of life, much more beautiful than a romantic relationship. And all of us must respect, love, admire and beautify it.