Trust is a synonym for the word Faith. When you feel you can count on someone or something without any second thoughts, then what you have developed is trust.

You must have read or heard someone saying *It takes years to build trust but takes not even a second to destroy the same*. You must have met people who have trust issues or who don’t gel up easily with others in the first go or even in the long run. Have you ever wondered why is it so? To have a clarity on this let’s try to understand trust more insightfully.

Trust is like a rubberband. The more we stretch the rubberband, the farther the rubber goes which sharpens and magnifies its strength but if we lose the grip of the band accidentally, the entire strength of the rubberband gets reduced to zero and it becomes difficult to regain the amount of elasticity which was once achieved. Similarly, the more we build trust, the higher it grows which magnifies the level of trust but if that trust gets broken due to any accidental or intentional means then the level of trust decreases and it becomes strenuous to regain the amount of trust which had been achieved. One of the major reason for fluctuating trust is persistent, unstable and frequent disappointments which one may encounter in different phases of life. Repetition of a certain external behavior makes one defensive and difficult to rely on others thereby.  The people who break trust and are able to regain it in a small gap of time are the ones who are building trust and authenticity.

Nothing is perfect which applies on our actions as well. We are people who make mistakes. Those who realize are able to regain what is being lost and are further able to build stronger trust. Those who don’t realize, are not able to get back the lost essence of trust.

So, yes, Trust is indeed a small word with a sensitive essence and should be build with patience, introspection and persistent efforts.





Seed of Appreciation in Relationships!

Appreciation is a minute coin that can produce a stupendous effect in someone’s life. It simply means acknowledging, respecting and valuing someone or something done by that person. 

Nowadays most of us usually tend to become preoccupied in our lives to an extent that we often overlook or ignore the value of a person. 

The efforts put by someone seem to come to a halt or reduces drastically if they get unintentionally or intentionally neglected by the other. 

One’s appreciative words and/or actions reflect the amount of importance she/he holds towards somebody.  

Acknowledgement and appreciation of other’s strengths and efforts not just increase the optimism in other yet also enhance the quality of the relationship with that person, and that would, in turn motivate the other to share concerns or/and invest more willingly.

Be it our family members, friends, or significant other we may tend to mask appreciation. Appreciation which is authentic, from the heart, continuous and supportive is something that should be followed instead of a masked appreciation. The seed which is planted will only be fruitful if it receives adequate nourishment, else it will die off early.
So, Appreciation is a tiny brick that can build a home with small small steps, consistency and continuity.


There is something about nature which is highly magnetic and appealing. I took this photograph few days back when it was raining. The pouring of drops on the flower magnifies the beauty it holds.

It is just a matter of time sometimes.

Life often throws us in a noxious pool of situations which makes the journey challenging and sometimes hard to look to. Times when we simply want to shut ourselves from the social circle, when we doubt our capabilities, when we land up into negative self talk, criticism, self pity, aggressive outbursts, and the worst suicidal thought tendencies.
There aren’t many who seem to understand the real us, who show receptivity, who not just cling yet who let us cry and support unconditionally, who instead of doubting our potential look into our eyes and say “You are doing great , I am proud of you” and so on. During such circumstances, most of the people seems to go against us and we are often left with vicious interrogation.
All of us at some or the other point experience such circumstances. Times when the ambiguity is so high that the entire future seems to be a stonewall.
These are the times which breaks us to the worst and builds us to the most, which makes us more patient and humble.
The most important thing to remember during these times is that it’s perfectly fine not to have everything when you want, it’s amazing how much perseverance you possess and it’s completely alright to give up sometimes and take everything lightly, it’s great to simply enjoy your life and sometimes have no expectations from yourself. There is a time for everything. Whatever happens has a huge reason and everything that happens teaches us something. No matter what happens, one should never stop believing in oneself, should keep the hope and faith alive, should rehearse the optimism and perseverance by embracing the skills one imbibe, should have a vent out to release the anxiety, and most importantly one should challenge the situation she/he is currently in. If we are on the boat, and river is our challenge, then let US be the direction of where we want to sail the boat towards.
So, nothing is easy or difficult, sometimes it’s just a matter of time which makes us shiver. Stay patient and keep the perseverance alive.


Beautiful Insight!

I was walking across the beach and clicked this photograph, and written the thought. It is marvelous how nature can make us realize the most insightful and deepest things just by having a glance over the same.  

My interpretation of the above picture is as follows:

Waves reflect the challenges that we encounter. The strength of a challenge will toss the ability to bounce back. This fluctuation will ignite the potency to fight back and will yield a magnificent increase in resilience and optimism. 
So, stronger the waves, more will be the growth, and hence level of the resilience.


I visited a river side where the flow of river was very firm and tremendous. I took this picture. The consistent and continuous flow of water was evident and profound. The entire view was really inspiring and magnificent. Just like the river is continuous and persistent in its flow, we should also stay persistent and focused towards everything we do. The perseverance shown by a river motivate us to never give up and keep on trying till we succeed. 

The river is thus highly moving and motivational when we look beyond the optimal level of insight.