Magic a woman imbibes!

A token of gratitude, love and respect to all the women of the universe:

A woman is one who gives birth to an infant and bears so much during the time of conception.

She is one who may encounter eve teasing much more than a man does, and who may hold a fear much larger than a man while stepping outside her home after 1 am alone.

She is a mother who takes care of her kids, household and work all in a beautiful and synchronized manner. Her zeal and liveliness is something that makes everyone awestruck.

A woman is one who is much more talkative than a guy and that makes her build and enhance connectivity in every sphere. And that is one of the key factors of building up of interpersonal relationships.

She is one who can accomplish anything she wants to once she puts her mind and focus into it.

There is a magic she imbibes which makes her acquire these and many more magnificent achievements. Hats off to each and every woman.

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