There are so many pros and cons made by us towards writing. Each and everyone holds a different and unique meaning towards how we may write and express ourselves. The views I hold are as follows :

1. A writing made by anyone doesn’t depend on the length of the text written. It depends upon the delivery and quality of the message which is independent of the quantity.

2. Whatever one writes is a way she/he expresses a particular perspective towards something which may or may not be accepted by others. And most of us give a feedback on the same and that’s how we are able to unfold what others believe and feel.

3. Writing is an art. It isn’t about whether you right with the perfect grammer or vocabulary, it is about how you play with the words you want to convey and every piece of writing reflects an emotional and intellectual release.

4. Writing is something which makes one grow as a person, author and make her/him enhance the skills she/he imbibes.

5. A sense of peace and contentment is achieved when one expresses her/his work.

6. Discovery of one’s mistakes and strengths in writing is revealed through others’ feedback. This in turn boosts one’s self esteem and opens up the road to self growth.

7. The bestest part about writing a piece is unbiased and non judgemental essence that one possess. No matter what the other may feel, the author expresses her/his perspective.

Writing is a beautiful form of self expression. Expressing, acknowledging, accepting, improving and appreciation of which makes not only the author but also the readers to grow and expand themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Writing!”

  1. Yeah writing helps oneself express oneself and also vent out feelings which we might keep inside us and feel suppressed or which could make us unhappy or even affect our health.


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