Soulful insight!

Which is better?
To walk away from someone who doesn’t see your worth or to stay for someone who holds you as the priority?

Which is meaningful?
To end the relationship over a senseless topic or to collaborate and grow with the fights?

What is sweeter?
Saying I love you or madness over staying together?

What makes more sense?
A lame identity who shifts from one person to another or a genuine persona who builds love with a single person and stays loyal?

What is challenging?
To love someone with a lot of flaws or to accept yourself having the same?

What is more beautiful?
A fancy gift or a small gesture with quality time?

What is more considerable?
A glass of whine in a room or a cup of tea/coffee on a hill?

What is more romantic?
Being in bed or a warm hug?

What is more practical?
Flying and lost in each other or seeing and planning the future together?

What defines love better?
A gesture that shows instant gratification and closeness or an essence that makes both partners build a mature understanding to be and walk with each other?

A lot of ifs and buts..however a passion and love to be with someone can withstand any obstacle.


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